Dec 1, 2011

Calling All Forum Members

At our next Forum we have the opportunity to hear from a new clean-tech start-up.  We also have the opportunity to help them succeed.  We'll hear from the founder of  He also hopes to get some feedback from you -- our unique Forum members.  

Clean Energy As a Financial Product—A Game-Changing Paradigm Shift.

Vikram Aggarwal, founder of, believes that in order for clean energy adoption to be pervasive, home and business owners have to be convinced of the financial benefits.  Makes sense, right?

Vikram will share with the Forum the results of EnergySage’s consumer and industry research.  And he will provide insights into their strategy of viewing clean energy systems as a new asset class capable of delivering an ROI that rivals traditional investment vehicles such as stocks and bonds. Clean energy system can also be a terrific capital investment for businesses, generating a high internal rate of return while reducing operating costs and the risks associated with rising and volatile energy costs. 

EnergySage has a unique approach that is designed to increase clean energy adoption by winning over consumers who are increasingly focused on the bottom-line.  Vikram understands that our Forum members are a sophisticated audience.  He’ll be looking for your feedback.

See you Wed., Dec. 7 at 8 a.m.  Bring your thinking caps.

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