Jul 18, 2011

Green Chemistry: The Breakfast of the Year

If you hated chemistry in high school, you will not want to miss the next NSTC breakfast on July 27. In fact, hypothetically speaking, if you could attend only one NSTC breakfast a year, this  would have to be it.
It’s about Green Chemistry and if that sounds too “sciencey” for you, don’t despair.  You will be treated to some amazing insights from the very father of this critical field.  But take heart – Dr John Warner started college a few decades ago as a music major. He was acting like a free radical long before he was studying them.

Sure, John Warner is responsible for the 12 Principles of Green Chem, he’s been recognized by presidents and prime ministers, and he probably has more patents than pants…but we promise you will leave that breakfast inspired and informed, without the slightest nod to the Periodic table.
Of course, even you engineers and scientists out there will have a lot to think about.
See you Wednesday, July 27 at 7:30 am at the Peabody Marriott.  Be sure to sign-up here at NSTC.org.

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