Nov 12, 2010

In Case You Missed It...Viridity Hits the Forum

There was a strong turnout Nov. 10th for our guest speaker Mike Rowan, CTO and co-founder of Viridity Software. The subject was technology and heavy-duty power consumption. Specifically, datacenters.

Datacenters are the engine of business today, driving information and commerce over the Internet. But they’re growing fast and gulping energy with the efficiency of a 1960 stockcar. At the current rate, datacenters will require 30 new power plants by 2015.

Viridity is a hot new VC-backed start-up focused on the datacenter problem. “Efficiency is the 4th alternative form of energy,” Mike pointed out.

But the crux of the problem lies in old-fashioned organizational behavior. Turns out the IT guy wants to go faster and like a NASCAR chief, he’s not concerned with mileage. It’s the Facilities guy whose job it is to keep the power flowing. But he’s not checking the engine.

Rowan and his partners built the technology that shows everyone exactly how much energy their datacenter is using – and how to reduce it without compromising IT performance. The results affect the bottom line. It also promises to make a big dent in national energy waste.

The European Union is focused on the problem. Datacenter efficiency is an important policy initiative. Let’s hope for everyone’s sake that our local friends at Viridity are wildly successful. Thanks for the insight Mike.

Next month look for Betsy Blaisdell, Senior Manager of Environmental Stewardship for The Timberland Company.

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