Mar 10, 2014

Ideas Exchange

Here’s a good FYI for our North Shore startup community:

Ultra Light Startups is trying something new for the next Future Energy (April 9 in New York). They’re giving a $100 cash bounty to the 8 people who refer the 8 startups that are selected to present at this event. Here's the type of startups they’re looking for:
Industry: Anything in energy/cleantech space - solar, wind, biofuels, energy storage, oil/gas technology, mobility, etc.
Stage: Early stage - ideally raised less than $1 million in VC and not too much public exposure. Academic research projects are probably too early though.
Technology: Hard science is preferred - materials, devices, chemicals, etc. Usually these come out of universities or government labs.
Geography: Companies should be headquartered in the Northeast US - from Maine to Virginia, west to Ohio).
Anyone is eligible for this bounty. All you need to do is have the startup apply on this form and mention your name in the "how did you hear about us" field. For each of the 8 startups that are selected as finalists, we'll give $100 cash to their referrers.

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