Sep 13, 2012

Fishing Disaster

Looking forward to hearing from Carl Safina next Wed. at the North Shore Technology Council breakfast.
Timely visit from a prominent scientist focused on sustainable oceans.

Example: Today's headline in the Boston Globe:

Feds declare fishery disaster in New England

It seems that despite restrictions of past years, and the accompanying impact on area fishermen, fish stocks are not rebuilding as expected. 
"The U.S. Commerce Department declared a national fishery disaster Thursday in New England, opening the door for tens of millions of dollars in relief funds for struggling fishermen and their ports.

Acting Commerce Secretary Rebecca Blank said the declaration comes amid "unexpectedly slow rebuilding of stocks," which is forcing huge fishing cuts that are jeopardizing the New England industry. And she said her agency had determined the trouble with fish stocks comes despite fishermen following rules designed to prevent overfishing."
It's a politically charged issue. It’s dominant, controversial news in Gloucester, Maine and throughout New England. There's contention on fish counts, remedies and government involvement. Definitely a subject Carl is well acquainted with.

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