Oct 20, 2011

NSTC Brkfst Oct 26: A Tech Perspective on the Solar Industry

There is no true market-driven dynamic for the solar industry.  Unfortunately, Solandra stands out in the news today as the poster child for clean-tech investment – and failure.  (Yet,  it’s the only company of the 28 that received loans under the Federal stimulus program to have failed.)

In order for there to be a viable solar power industry, the technology must produce solar cells that have a cost per megawatt hour equivalent to traditional energy sources.  Innovation can drive markets, regardless of politics.

Coming up Wed., Oct. 26 the North Shore Technology Council presents Dr. Paul Sullivan, vice president of business development at Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates:

The Path to Grid Parity: What’s needed to make the market for photovoltaics and how to get there

Dr. Sullivan will provide a global perspective on the solar industry and outline some of the technologies that show the most promise for reaching grid parity.

Members of the Sustainability Forum are invited to register at NSTC.org. 

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