Jul 27, 2011

See you Aug. 3!

Are you curious about what your state and local governments are doing to promote and implement sustainability initiatives?

We think sustainability is a big broad issue that needs to be addressed from a number of perspectives. If you’re wondering what our illustrious State is doing about sustainability, we’ve got some answers at our next Forum.
Our two panelists promise to give us insights into what’s being offered to your local towns and businesses.

We’ll be joined by Joanne Bissetta, Green Community Coordinator, of Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources; and Rick Reibstein, Manager, Outreach and Policy of the MA Office of Technical Assistance, which is part of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental affairs.

Joanne advises towns and cities. Rick offers sustainable information and benefits to manufacturers.

The Forum will be held on Wednesday, August 3, at 8 a.m. in the CleanTech InnoVenture Center (20 Wheeler St., Lynn MA).

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