May 19, 2011

Next Up: Forum Looks @ Climate Change

Wednesday, June 1, we'll take a close look at the climate change debate. Our next Sustainability Forum includes a presentation from Dr. Kar Lee who will extract the politics from the science surrounding the issue. It promises to offer everyone clear insights into the issue and facts you should know.

Dr. Kar Lee received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Washington. After a two-year post-doctoral research appointment in a national accelerator laboratory in Virginia, he left the world of fundamental physics research for industry. Dr. Lee helped develop products such as CT scanners, silicon wafer analyzers, optical network add-drop modules, MEMS based optical displays, and eReaders. Most recently he is active in reliability engineering and solar thermal electricity generation. He is also the author of “Where are the Zombies” an intriguing exploration on the nature of the conscious mind. 

See you at 8 a.m. at the CleanTech Innoventure Center in Lynn.  All welcome.  And spread the word - it's an important "debate." 

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