Dec 22, 2010

Clean-Tech Inspiration

Our next Sustainability Forum kicks off 2011 featuring wetland scientist Jim MacDougall of the Ipswich River Watershed Assoc. The Ipswich watershed provides drinking water to 335,000 people and thousands of businesses on the North Shore. In 2003 this beautiful, vital resource was designated one of the "10 Most Endangered Rivers in America."

If you ever drifted along its 46 meandering miles, you’ll testify to its incredible aesthetic value. If you havent, make sure you add it to the top of your list. The Ipswich River is an important example that justifies the development of clean-tech and sustainable practices. When it comes down to it, the Ipswich River is a local, living symbol of why we work so hard to encourage innovation and better ways to take care of this planet.

Hope to see you at the Forum on January 5 at 8 a.m. at the Cleantech Innoventure in Lynn. It promises to be an illuminating discussion, with hot coffee and some time to share ideas.

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