Aug 3, 2010

Where Angels Shine

Rob Day, Partner with Black Coral Capital, and author of Cleantech Investing, published a great post on VC investing and his recent visit to the Cleantech Innoventure Center in's an excerpt and link to his full story on: Energy efficiency: Where angels will shine

- - -
You get out of your car and look up at the tall, nondescript brick building, and head toward the effectively unmarked entrance, a metal door that makes you remember public schools from years ago. A train rattles by on an elevated track directly behind the building...

And you think to yourself, "This is EXACTLY what incubators should look like." Open space, easy to divide up and then redivide up as needed. Inspirational views, past some urban sprawl, of Nahant and the sun's twinkling reflections off Massachusetts Bay. Low rent, but laid out for collaboration and activity.

Welcome to the Cleantech InnoVenture Center (CIVC) in Lynn, Massachusetts. A new space launched by North Shore InnoVentures, about 20 minutes north of downtown Boston.

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